What To Do If Living In A Small Apartment With Guests

Someone lives in a big house while others live in a small apartment. As we all know that the biggest problem of a small apartment is not enough space. When our friends or relatives want to stay with us, then what to do if living in a small apartment?

You can try to move the bedroom to the living room, or add a sofa bed in the living room. It’s the best choice to meet the problem of a small space. Here we will list how to fix this issue.

1 Add a bed to the living room

A fold-out sofa bed can be added to the living room. During the day, a sofa bed can be folded up as a sofa. While at night, it can be fold-out as a bed. Several years ago, I have tried, it’s very practical. When placing the sofa bed in the living room, do remember to pay attention to the bedside wall, preferably by a solid wall. The head of the bed should not face the window, nor should it be against the window, so it is easy to get wet when it rains. Before choosing a living room bed, we should measure the size first, and not choose a big bed that is too large to avoid the living room becoming crowded.

2 Choose the right bed

1 Table bed.

The table bed is a combination of bed and table, is a new variety of wall beds. The special feature of a wall bed is that it can be used as a table or dining table during the day. It is a very practical bed. This design allows table bookcases and beds to be arranged in a small room.

2 Wall bed

Also known as hidden beds, are very popular with young people. The wall bed, as the name suggests, is the bed mounted on the wall. When the bed is folded, the bed looks the same as the wardrobe. At night when you go to bed, close the door, so it becomes the standard bed. The wall bed saves space and is an ideal choice for a small apartment.

3 Sofa bed

A sofa bed is a combination of a sofa and a bed. Used as a sofa during the day and as a bed at night. This design is ideal for transitional residences or small apartments and is very popular with young people. In addition, there are bunk beds, when not in use can be turned over and attached to the wall, saving a lot of space. When putting it down and fold it out, it’s a double bed and usually has a staircase design. For how to choose a right sofa, we have posted here.

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