Sweet Home Ideas: DIY Grinding Sticks

Why does baby need a grinding stick

In the process of baby teeth, the baby’s saliva volume increases and likes to bite hard things, the reason is because of the germination of the milk teeth in the compression of the gum nerves caused by abnormal feeling steam performance, these physiological phenomena suggest that the baby’s young breast teeth are trying to overcome the gum cover, ready to grow.

The germination of baby teeth is mostly in the 4-10 months, late to 12 months. The average one-year-old has 6-8 teeth.

The role of grinding sticks

In this time period of baby germination, you can give the baby some grinding products, such as grinding stick, grinding tooth biscuits to help the teeth sprout, relieve the pain of the baby’s teeth, help the breast teeth germination, correct the phenomenon of biting the nipple.

Mothers can start using a grinding stick for her from the time your baby is five months old, but it’s important to note that the baby is sitting when using the grinding stick, avoiding choking, and there must be adults watching next to her.

Baby teeth during the time because often suck their own small hands and grinding sticks. In addition, parents should pay attention to small hands and grinding stick hygiene, and the same to the baby’s oral care.

How to choose your baby’s grinding stick

Your baby’s oral skin is delicate and in the germination phase so when choosing a grinding stick:

(1) First of all, pay attention to the hardness to be moderate, too hard will hurt the baby’s gums, too soft not grinding teeth, but also not easy to break;

(2) Second, shape design science, because the baby’s hand is relatively small and not strong, so mothers need to choose the appropriate length of grinding stick, convenient for the baby to grasp.

Choose from a grinding companion

1, nutritious fruit and vegetables

Cut fresh apples, pears, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables into small, finger-thick strips that are cool and sweet and crisp, not only to let your baby grind his teeth but also is a good way to try to get your baby to accept a new food.

2, fruit and vegetable skins

Some fruit sand, such as grapefruit skin, radish skin, the texture is more tough, can be torn into small pieces to let the baby grind teeth, the problem is not very good taste, but some peels will have special effects.

3, teeth-grinding biscuits

If you feel that they are too troublesome baking, you can go directly to the supermarket to buy baby teeth grinding biscuits, this biscuit texture is relatively hard, very suitable for baby teeth grinding, but also easy to grasp, is very reassuring grinding food.

4, roasted bread

Cut the bun into thin slices about 1cm thick, then bake in a saucepan, remember not to refuel and bake until the two sides are slightly yellow, hard, and the inside is still soft. Then cut the pieces into strips suitable for the baby to grasp, a mother can also use cornflour bread, black flour to make, eat more coarse grain is appropriate.

Either way, when your baby is used, be sure to have an elderly person around to protect against the tragedy of particles getting into the trachea.

Here’s how to start the home-made process:

Ingredients are simple: flour 100 to 200 grams, one egg yolk. The rest of the ingredients can be added to your own, want to eat sweet on add some bananas, pumpkins and so on.

You can also add some milk. Salt is not recommended until your baby is 2 years old.

I use pumpkins, a small piece of pumpkin, steamed, mashed, and flour when mixed directly into.

The process notes:

Don’t add too much water at one time to prevent the more and more dough bigger. With such amount of wheat flour, add egg yolks, add pumpkin, do not need more water.

Be sure to rub the dough hard, have the right hardness to facilitate the rear shaping. After kneading, let it stay for about 10 minutes.

Then we can start making any shape we like, someone can play a variety of shapes. At the first time, I tried to imitate the recommended cookbook but later found it’s not useful for babies mouth.

After all, the grinding stick is complete, this is the second tries, the stereotyped craft is not so well-liked, but my son is not picky.

Put into the oven: 200 degrees, 25 minutes.

When baked like the flowing, it has a little fried, just like some small carrots.

Now, we can let our baby try it, the flour, with eggs, and pumpkin, the fragrance is light, so he is smelled, and start to gnawing.


1, about the mix wheat flour part

The most important part has been highlighted above, be sure to rub the dough hard!

2, about baking

Temperature and bake time need to be adjusted according to sticks size. After sticks roasted, take them out and when completely cooled, if the center is somehow still soft, you can continue to bake for some minutes.

Homemade baby grinding stick – a sweet home is the best home.

3, shape design must be reasonable!

This article for the third time stressed that, with reference to my first production of this shape, one end of the stick still has horns, easy to tie to the baby’s mouth. So the second time I changed it to a complete round stick.

Interested parents can consider other shapes.

4, use must have parental supervision!

Be sure to let your baby sit and use it!

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