How To Pick A Solid Wood Bed: Tips to be aware!

Recently, I want to buy a solid wood bed online, as there are so many choices, it’s not an easy question to pick the right one. There are so many factors to consider – like the size, material, color, and style – that you will feel overwhelmed.

You can easily to check the size, as most manufacturer prints it on.

If you are finding the right style bed frame for your space, just google it.

When referred to material, the difference between a solid wood bed and plate bed, these are a good judgment of the problem. I would say the same as the large plate straight-piece full solid wood white oak bed, just as the price marked.

How to judge the bed whether strong or not is a hard question, as no one will tell you the answer. If you are looking for the perfect wood bed has you ready to take a nap, some of the tips you should be aware of how to pick a solid wood bed.

1 The bed under the slat

A sponge-covered bed, what you must be asked is to remove the sponge to see what is like !!!!!

Multiple beams on the left are certainly stronger than single girder. Most beds under 200$ have a right-hand structure. Even a single girder has a leg and two legs of the difference, the bed can be cheaply made in order to reduce costs.

2 The bed frame itself.

If the slats are manufactured from wood, you should pay attention to its number and thickness, with more slats the bed frame can bear more pounds, the thicker slats do the same too.

Some of the sizes of the bed frame didn’t mark out, you should get this by your bright eyes. The most intuitive judgment is that you feel your fists put in the gap between slats or not. In the following image, there is a big distance between the two slats.

a bed frame that can put your fists put in the gap

3 The material, structure, thickness of the bed gang

A lot of solid wood bed gang is multi-layer solid wood or fingering board or something, this must pay attention to identification, do not pay large hardwood money to buy multi-layer solid wood. The sheet thickness of bed gang with price between 200$ and 400$ is generally 20mm, I have not seen more valuable one at an affordable price.

4 Headboard and footboard

Most of the wood bed with headboard, while some also with footboard.

You should pay attention to the height of the headboard, of course, the bigger the better. Personally, I think that kind of fence-like headboard is certainly not as good as the whole panel.

The headboard of the bed is blocked by the mattress of the beam, some are the whole board, some are two or more wooden strips, some will also have a few more vertical beams and the above large plate connected, this is also the reason for the price difference.

5 The size of the leg

It does not matter whether a wood frame or steel one, you have the right to know the size.

All the item is written to be a rough bed leg, but not marked its size, let’s get it from the seller!!

6 The grade of wood

The grade is measured according to the size and quantity of a small net scratch (face) that can be sawn off.

High-grade wood includes FAS, FAS single-sided (FAS/1F) and special selection grades, which are best suited for the production of long-form finished decorative lines, woodworking products such as wooden door frames, architectural interior decorative materials, and the production of high-end musical instruments that require a large number of wide sheets.

General grade wood is mainly P. 1 (No. 1C) and P2A (No. 2AC), which are suitable for kitchen cabinet furniture, most furniture parts, and block and striped floors. It is worth noting that after a second sawing, the common grade wood will also obtain the net cutting material, which is consistent with the high-grade wood, except that the size specification smaller (shorter or narrower). Therefore, the grade name is only a limit on the proportion of net scratch (face) in the sheet, not represents the entire appearance quality.

A high-grade wood bed would be two or three times than those general grades on it.

7 Paint

Natural Paint. This may be the most eco-friendly paint. Writing a paint brand is more general than saying that eco-friendly paint depends on the spectrum.

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