How To Choose Sofa Cover

A sofa cover can protect your furniture from daily wear and tear, spills and stains. It’s a great choice for homes with children and pets. You didn’t have to worry much about pet hair. Even spills were easily cleaned. 

Due to the size of the sofa is different, do remember to measure the sofa size before we want to buy. Here are some tips we should aware, and we hope this will do help you on how to choose sofa cover.

1 Size

The most comfortable sofa is the person after landing, can natural back, that is, the back, head and shoulder of the person almost all with the sofa back contact.

The larger the contact area, the more comfortable the body, sitting posture is more natural.

Usually, the angle between the cushion and the back of the sofa is not vertical 90 degrees, but between 100 degrees to 108 degrees.

In the selection, must comply with the guidelines, that is to say, the choice of the cover can not be less than the length and width of the sofa.

A big cover can be sagging the excess part to play the effect of lace, but also can be stuffed into the sofa gap, keep the cover away from sliding.

2 Living room style

First of all, the first to clarify the style of the room, so as to keep the overall decoration consistent. And not to make the sofa cover appear sudden.

With modern wind decoration, you can choose a simple shape of sofa cover.

If the Mediterranean or Nordic wind decoration, it is recommended to choose the color of the fresh and elegant sofa cushion.

As for the European decoration, can be paired with a European element of the sofa cover.

3 Preference

For the home supplies, the main or according to their own preferences, otherwise even if good-looking, they do not like it.

What do you think of the following magic sofa cover?

choose a sofa cover according to what you like

In fact, different styles of sofa cushions mixed, perhaps have a different style.

Such as this year’s popular double-arms sofa cushions, the two sides will be designed into a completely different feeling, can be paired with different decoration style.

4 Weight

Weight is an important factor in judging whether a cover quality is good or not.

In general, high-quality product stoush use density in 60 catties per cubic, back cushion use density in 50 catties per cubic, so that the product quality produced is more solid.

5 Prevent sliding

Home with dogs who play on the sofa, or children jump on the sofa, the cover may be shifting around. You need to tidy it up, again and again, it’s too annoying, isn’t it?

pet sofa cover

However some manufacturer provides foams to keep the cover stays in place, it’s very exciting.

6 Easy care

No one wants to wash it by hands, so machine washable and can wash at normal temperature is needed.

Another advice is to buy two sofa cover, this will do help if you have children or pets, you can wash one and there is still one cover the furniture.

Do remember do not bleach!!! No one wants an ugly cover for your room.

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