Good Things In My Kitchen

According to some of the daily habit, I like to recommend something you may need in your kitchen. I hope this would help you.

My time at home in the kitchen is second only to the bedroom and as the master spoon.

In the year-round daily kitchen operation process, will be according to our own needs and wife’s aesthetic needs, and gradually improve and add new items.

I would like to share it with you. Let’s take a look at the versatile good things in my kitchen!

1 A Breathing Knife Rack or Holder

The original set of knife racks in the home is similar to the following, the knife part is stuffed with air, although some of the knife frame design claims to be able to ventilate and drain. But the actual use down, this structure of the knife frame, mold is inevitable.

After a long time, I found that the shank part had been rusty. And then I start to find a better knife rack with the following requirements:

1 Simple Design

2 Science Design Can Be Breathable To Keep Dry

There a lot of styles in online stores such as amazon, but has not found one with a simple design and the function is not very concentrated. Most of the items founded will be accompanied by a pot cover, spoon rack and so on.

For a long time search, we actually find such intimate things need.

The magnetic knife holder is made from high-quality stainless steel and designed with a sleek, elegant appearance.

The flat, space-saving magnetic bar has a modern design that fits into any kitchen style. The bar is designed to “float” on your wall, hiding the magnets & mounting screws.

The design of our bar and the simple-clean installation allows your knife and stainless steel appliance storage to become a part of your kitchen. And knives can be always kept dry, so I named it as ‘breathable knife holder’.

2 Breathable Board

Why say so, in fact, is a piece of bamboo board, but also with good quality.

It’s a beautiful decoration with the shape of a heart. It’s been in use for almost two years, and it’s a great experience, and it’s generally got these benefits:

1, bamboo surface, low water absorption performance, good water performance, can ensure that as soon as possible to dry.

2, the whole piece of bamboo veneer, can avoid the adhesive mixed into the ingredients as much as possible.

3, easy to clean.

3 A Breathable Bowl Rack

Leaching bowl racks are also kept clean and dry by means of ventilation, so I call him a bowl holder that will breathe! This is more popular, I believe that many people have been configured at home.

But because I was with my wife to discuss to add this thing, so here is still listed under the sun.

I use this leaching frame is relatively simple, according to the size of the table, specifically to find a small number, and only with a single layer. At one side is a large spoon rack with a spade, which allows you to put some miscellaneous items.


1, put the freshly washed dishes on the shelf for a while, completely dry and then into the cabinet, you can keep the tableware dry and clean.

2, the bottom water tray needs to manually clean pour water, slightly appear trouble spots, if the long time is not clean, the plate will be dirty.

3, according to your own needs to purchase models, can save more space.

4 An oil bottle that will activate automatically

This sounds rather mysterious, but you will understand if you look at the picture. The oil bottle that flips automatically.

I have a total of two in my home, one with cooking oil, one with olive oil.

Qualified features I appreciate:

1, Automatic opening cover is really very convenient, especially when cooking makes a full hand oil.

2, The U-shaped spout enables you full control over pouring exactly the right amount of oil, no need to worry about an overdressed salad; oil won’t drip or leak from the spout, keeps the bottle and countertop clean.

3, Made of food-grade BPA free PP and lead-free glass, this oil bottle is well built to last. The pear-shaped glass bottle is thick and sturdy, with silicone sealed gasket inside the cap to avoid leakage and spillage, ensure the freshness of liquid stored.

Japanise AI Rice Cooker

This rice cooker, may also be a lot of people have been used, I seem to have been looking after the feeling.

No way, I don’t like to catch up with the trend, like to see a lot of people used well before the hands.

Buy some for yourself!

Because of the space surplus, coupled with long ago heard that the Chinese people from Japan with rice cooker back, the wife said, we also get one back, anyway, the family that guts have been broken.

This is true, the old cooker gut coating fell off, is not very safe.

So there is this let me 100% satisfied with the Japanese rice cooker!

We often steam under the bottom of the rice, the upper steamed dishes, so often a cooker to get a simple meal, so I say she is a tin girl also no wonder.


1, because the heating temperature can be higher than 100 degrees, the function of a quick-cooking, I often use, generally, less than 30 minutes can be smothered a pot of good rice.

2, due to the principle of heat is different from the traditional, the rice made through the elastic, full of fragrance, and indeed with the previous use of the pot has a big difference!

3, the inner bile material, the quality of the coating is also very good, there has never been a sticky pot or coating off and other phenomena.

4, cooking functions are diverse, according to taste like steaming different hardness of rice, even porridge, the taste is very good. There may be other uses that have not been practiced yet.


These good things in my kitchen, with the habit, may not feel anything, but looking back, there are some things that have changed our life.

Whether you have read or not, according to their own sincerity, give you a good recommendation. Hope to be able to help someone, my friends.

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