Decoration Case: Italy Stylish

In this case for home decoration of Italy stylish, wood products are widely used, from the floor to the background wall, to create a warm yellow atmosphere.

The calm wood-colored furniture with the introverted and soft gray sofa, bright yellow cushions, gives the first impression is rich and warm.

The living room under the iron lamps, we can see a modern texture.

The dining room with black walnut-colored table and chairs, a change of retro style, transformed into “Mr. Confucian”. It precipitated the connotation of the flavor.

The overall tone and furniture matching have a refined and natural sense of solidity, yellow and elegant ink green are very relaxed. You will have a better mood and easy to sleep in this bedroom.

Floor-to-ceiling windows bring large areas of sunlight and scenery into the interior, and children’s rooms become more interesting as the light changes.

The dry-wet separation form makes the entire space cleaner and the light-colored vision adds visual effect.

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